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Fishing Lure Tackle Box Jewelry Storage Small Gadget Container

Our company provides OEM service for a wide variety of Plastic Storage Boxes. Focus on offering an easy and convenient storage solution for various item.


This Jewelry Storage Tackle Box is designed to organize your small gadgets, such as fishing hooks, lures, beads, jewelry, earrings, necklace, electronic components,stationery, etc. Made of durable plastic materials to yield an amazing strong and solid construction. Featuring up to 23 adjustable compartments created by removable plastic sheets to keep your items in place precisely.See-through body provides an easy viewing of the content inside.2 snap latches ensure your files secure when transport. It is very portable because of the light-weight body and usually viewed as a great supplement to your large storage system.

1.Made of durable plastic materials to yield a strong and light-weight construction.
2.Snap Pro-Latches ensure the content secure.
3.Featuring up to 23 adjustable compartments created by plastic sheets.
4.Transparent Design for easy viewing of the items inside.


Product Size:360*225*50 mm
Packing Size: 700*370*500 mm

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