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Fly Tying Bug Box Belt Foam Tiny Plastic Storage Case — 98*73*36 MM

Our company provides OEM service for a wide variety of Plastic Storage Boxes. Focus on offering an easy and convenient storage solution for various item.


This Fly Tying Bug Box is designed to accommodate a wide variety of fly fishing materials. Made from hard and durable plastic materials to take the worry out of drops. Double-sided construction provide an easy access to your fly files and extra storage space. The hinged clear lid allows you to rapidly view the items that you want. The long ABS plastic Pro-Latches keep the cover firmly closed to ensure the content inside secure when transport. The insert foam with slots makes it easy to get the flies positioned or removed. The tight rubber gaskets yield an excellent water-proof for your dry flies. It can be placed in your pocket or fly fishing vest.

1.Double-sided construction for easy access and extra storage.
2.Clear hinged lid for easy viewing of the content.
3.Made from durable plastic materials to resist accidental impact and tear.
4.Insert foam with slots makes it easy to get the fishing flies positioned and removed.
5.Tight rubber gaskets yield an excellent water-proof.
6.Sure grip, fit in your pocket or fly fishing vest pocket.


Product Size:98*73*36 mm
Packing Size: 340*330*500 mm

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